About Us

IHOMEGROUP based in Sydney, is one of the leading floor-boards suppliers and installers in Sydney area. Business ranges cover timber floors, hardwood flooring, carpets, tiles, painting, kitchens and bathrooms renovation.

Three showrooms located at Campsie, Homebush West and Gosford. Each showroom is staffed by people with extensive knowledge and expertise to advise customers on their individual requirements. Over 1000 home renovation jobs have been done with us. We have built good relationships with plenty of agents, developers, builders, and local customers.We do provide all kinds of flooring with professional staff helping you install and maintain. Specifically, we have ARC Bamboo Colour wood, Quickstep Serial (Classic), Colonial colour wood, Eligna wood, Eligna wide wood, Oak wood, Genesis colour wood, Krono swiss serial (Oak colour), Nobless colour wood and all kinds of timber flooirng, laminate and floating timber flooring. 

There are certain advantages for you to choose timber flooring. Engineered timber flooring combines real timber with a delicate construction delivering the stability of floor and it is easy to install them. As long as the flooring is installed, there is no further work required upon them. Even it could be installed without professional team.

Also the maintenance is much easier with engineered timber flooring. No matter the floor is dirty or damaged, it is just about removing and replacing. Comparing to other flooring options, there is no doubt that the engineered timber flooring is more flexible.  

Good quality products, good customer services and good reputations make IHOMESYDNEY more professional, more reliable, and unbeatable.

We do believe that our professional services will make your home quickly upgrading, brilliant looking, and comfortable living.